Our Roots

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STFU’s roots are in the 6-Degrees of Freedom (6-DOF) gaming genre fans have loved for decades. In 6-DOF, you can quickly move your ship and field of vision independently in any direction: rotating, flipping, and strafing to get the kill — with a flick of the wrist and a click of the trigger. The vehicle flying and fighting skills you need to be a top 6-DOF player are unmatched in arcade-style gaming. Think of 6-DOF as the same controls you can use with drones. Perfect for zero G environments.

We take 6-DOF’s incredible test of flying and combat, and reimagine it to:

  1. Expand the number of ships to choose from, so you can fly what you want. In other 6-DOF games, everyone flies the same ship. With STFU, players not only have a selection of ships to choose from, they have 5 different ship classes to explore – Attackers, Defenders, Engineers, Miners, and Haulers -- with new ships being added to each class regularly. Choosing across multiple classes is particularly important in team-based modes, as each team needs the right combination of ships to succeed. Be it a balanced approach of attacker, defender, and support… or an aggressive team of three glass cannons.

  2. Include a progression system to level up your ship with your flying skills. 6-DOF games usually follow the arcade model of gaming where progress isn’t tracked across multiple gameplay sessions. With STFU, we model our progression systems around RPG mechanics: players slowly unlock the unique play style of every ship the more they play it. Every match provides the ship and player XP. This leveling system advances players through each ship’s unique tech tree.

  3. Feature a crafting system, expanding ship customization based on harvested resources. Beyond XP, in-game resources players collected in previous sessions can be crafted into special items, further tailoring a ship’s performance, capabilities, and looks to the player’s style. Each ship has multiple performance mods to craft and slot into it’s build, with more being added over time, changing the balance of the game.

  4. Go beyond Deathmatch play to PvE and team-based combat. Of course, we feature free- for-all deathmatch play: the hallmark of great 6-DOF games. STFU goes beyond that, however, to include: a 3-player Co-Op PvE mode, pitting you and two friends against the AI; and Corporate War, where two teams of up to 6 players battle for resources, using miners to unlock ore; haulers to load it out; and defenders to protect against enemies while your attackers take the fight to them. Team formats are such great ways to build memories with friends, that we wanted to be sure to bring this format to the great 6-DOF gaming genre.

By reimagining 6-DOF with STFU, we want to give players the chance to play WHAT they want, and HOW they want, in this great genre. We hope you enjoy it for years to come!